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hmm, is it May already?

OK so my New year plans to ‘blog more often’ has not really happened, but on the plus side it’s only May so I’ve got just under 7 months to rectify this!

I have actually achieved some of my aims though and have knitted not one but two and a half cardigans!  The first one being my Green Miette by Andi Satturlund:


I really enjoyed knitting this, such an easy pattern to follow and being worsted weight knits up really quickly.  The yarn is Cascade 220 heathers in Ireland.  I bought it from http://www.laughinghens.com and have discovered that buying yarn off the internet is a bit of gamble.  I must have spent three days trying to choose between four shades of green, going back and forth between laughing hens and ravelry to see posts of how each yarn looked when made up!  I eventually plumped for Ireland (mainly because my Dad was Irish and I was in a really indecisive mood!). It arrived two days later, I opened the package excitedly to find GREEN, SO SO GREEN!  Now it doesn’t look bad in the picture (it is actually more green in real life!)  and it’s lovely now it’s made up, in fact I have worn it to death since I finished it at the end of February.  But, there is no way I would have picked the yarn if I had seen it in a shop. I am so pleased with it and it has given me the confidence to experiment with bolder colour.

So cardigan number two, I’m afraid that I enjoyed knitting the Miette so much that I went and started another one straight away!


I knew I wanted a dark purple one as I’m a bit of a purple fiend.  I was looking for the perfect Aubergine colour, eventually I settled on another Cascade yarn; Venetia Worsted in Italian Plum, a 70% merino 30% silk blend from laughing hens again.  I must admit I had another colour panic when it arrived as I thought it was too purple!  Once it started to come together I decided I liked the colour and the yarn was beautiful to knit with.  I added 10 rows to both my Miette so now they finish a couple of inches below my natural waist, it’s made them easier to wear with jeans (as well as disguising strained skirt waistbands!)

I’m now on my third cardigan of the year, I so wanted to knit another Miette but have opted to try the Peggy Sue cardigan instead, will post on that once it’s done.


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