Me Made May week 3 round-up

Well we are moving into the last week of Me Made May already.  The sun was shining for the first part giving us a chance to get out those summery things but the past two days have turned on the rain and I’ve had to pull on the tights and boots again!  I’ve managed to stick to the no repeat pledge but I must confess we are off out for a rare night on the town tomorrow and I desperately want to wear my swishy Anna dress again! (I’ve finally persuaded the other half to go to the Japanese restaurant I went to on a girls night out, he’s not keen on Sushi but it’s my turn to choose!) I figure I can be allowed one repeat if I wear something different in the day?

Anyway, this week has been a mixed bag of outfits, some more successful than others!


Day sixteen: Blue Broderie Anglaise Christine Haynes Emery dress.  This is my second Emery (will try and fit in the first before the month is out) Really like this dress, it’s very comfortable to wear but it does crease as soon as I think of sitting down!


Day seventeen: Green Linen Colette Hawthorn.  My first Hawthorn and I really like this dress (even though it doesn’t have pockets!). It is Linen though so creases a lot.  Also I’ve never quite managed to press the waist darts flat so it does have the pointy nips problem!


Day eighteen (Sunday) Red Colette Sorbetto.  Not quite sure about this but we were pottering about at home and then up to the allotment so it was a case of ‘it’ll do’.  I liked the fabric but it is a quilting cotton and quite stiff so I feel a bit like I’m wearing a cardboard box at times!


Day nineteen: My newly made Macintosh Grainline Moss Mini.  I do love this skirt and it was very comfy to wear, I’m really not sure I should have worn it with that T-shirt though (and I could have done with a better Bra!). I think next time i’ll try a white shirt during the summer.  I think it will get a lot of wear through Autumn and Winter though with black wooley tights and a black boat neck sweater.


Day twenty: self drafted A-line skirt. Hmm… you know when you have one of those days when  everything feels wrong?  This was a bit of a rush job, I decided I was going to wear the skirt the night before and thought I’d put a plain white shirt with it.  When I came to get dressed the next morning (5 minutes before I had to get out the door). The shirt looked too long left out and I didn’t feel comfortable with it tucked in.  I resorted to grabbing a white vest (which you cannot see in the photo as it has blended into the whiteness of my chest!) and the blue cardigan and ran outside for a quick picture.  Faced with photographic evidence I realised a, I should have stuck with the white shirt and b, that blue cardigan has got far too small for me (or rather I have got too big for it!) It’s now in the charity shop bag!  I did however like wearing the skirt and surprisingly I have never worn it before, even though I made it over a year ago!


Day twenty one: Purple Miette cardigan and Blue Sorbetto.  I like this top as the cotton fabric is a bit more drapery so it hangs a lot better.


Day twenty two: By Hand London navy Anna dress and green Miette.  Woke up to find it raining heavily! Determined to wear this dress though so out came the boots and black tights and the old faithful green Miette. Felt really comfortable in this as it was ‘me’.  One thing I’ve noticed over the past few weeks is that when I am wearing something I really like I feel a lot happier and have a better day!  Looking back over the photo’s from the past few weeks I see how I feel when wearing different things.  It’s hard to explain but I think feeling comfortable and confident in your clothes just enables you to get on with your day without fidgeting, breathing in, pulling down hems and being self conscious about lumpy bits!


Day twenty three: Friday theme ‘polka dot parade!’ Denim Megan Nielsen Kelly skirt with navy and white polka dot buttons and pocket lining’s, stripey Grainline Hemlock Tee and Levi’s spotty cardie (worn with a navy and white spotty scarf and cream and navy spotty raincoat, just to make sure I’d properly covered the polka dot theme!) I do have quite a few polka dot scarves and cardigans but surprisingly this skirt is the only thing I have made with polka dot’s!  Will have to remedy this!  Also wore my Hemlock tee which I made using two back bodice pieces to make a boat neck.  Quite happy with this and I love wearing spots and stripes together, must be the rebel in me!

I can also report that I have indeed been wearing my me made knickers all week, not the same pair!, I’ve now got 7, I’m fighting the urge to put days of the week on them!

All in all I don’t think I’ve done too badly this week, i’ll have to see what I can conjure up for the last week!

How are you getting along with your me made days?  Have you had any major revelations about which clothes feel like ‘you’?

7 thoughts on “Me Made May week 3 round-up

  1. I love everything you wore this week! That polka dot Anna dress is lovely! I just got the Hawthorn pattern this week but I don’t have fabric picked out yet. Also, I love the idea of how you did a boat neck on the hemlock tee.

  2. Jodie says:

    I love your Day 20; the purple Miette and blue Sorbetto. I’ve had Miette in my tbd pile for too long. You’ve inspired me to start it!

    • You’ve got to do a Miette, I enjoyed knitting them so much and they go with everything! Have you seen Andi’s new Myrna pattern that’s part of Lladybird’s outfit along? I’ve just got some royal blue yarn for that, can’t wait to get started!

  3. Jodie says:

    Oops! I meant Day 21. Love the look of Myrna, too. I guess I know what my summer knitting projects will be. Can I be totally nosy and ask: Did you add some length to the Miette? How much?

  4. I added ten rows to the body which works out about 2 inches, there’s a point in the pattern after the bust decreases I think where you can lengthen it. It now finishes about 3 inches below my natural waist, but I am quite short waisted and always have to shorten bodices by at least an inch!

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