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OWOP- a week of Scouts!


Well One Week One Pattern is over and I made it through the week!  Thanks to Handmade Jane for hosting this year!  It was actually easier than expected and I think choosing the Grainline Scout tee gave me a lot more versatility.  Here’s what I wore:

Day One

Broderie Anglaise Scout with Denim Megan Nielsen Kelly Skirt


I like this top, although I don’t think i’ll wear it tucked in again as it makes me look really short-wasted.  I saw a girl earlier in a white top which had scalloped edges along the hem and sleeves, this gave me the idea to add a scalloped broderie anglaise trim to this top, I feel it needs something and that might be it!

Day two

Black sparkly knit Scout


This fabric called to me in a kinda ‘ooh sparkly’ way!  It has a lovely drape to it and even though I rarely have occasion to wear sparkly tops I had to have it (I got some in a Chartreuse Green too). I had wanted to see how the Scout tee looked in a knit fabric and it worked really well.  I spent the day purging wardrobes and sorting uniforms but really enjoyed wearing this around the house!

Day three

Knit Scout tee with Colette Zinnia Skirt


Another knit Scout although in a much finer fabric.  This turned out to be quite sheer so I had to wear a came underneath.  Not quite sure that the Zinnia is working for me here though, there’s a bit too much fabric going on in that skirt.

Day four

Sparkly Scout tee (again) and Grainline Moss Mini

owop 24

I think this is my favourite outfit of the week.  I’ve hardly worn this Moss skirt since I made it but it was really comfortable and I think it works well with my short stature.  I will wear it more often now and maybe make more to wear with woolly tights through the winter.

Day five

Green embroidered Scout with Miette cardigan


This is my favourite Scout and has been worn a lot.  It’s a lovely fine pale green cotton with cream embroidery.  Wore it at work with my old faithful green Miette cardigan and jeans.

Day six

Blue Voile Scout and Chambray Hollyburn Skirt


This Scout gave me the most trouble while I was making it, it’s a silk and cotton blended voile and very fine.  I used French seams throughout, the side seams and the neck binding went together ok but I really struggled setting in the sleeves.  I had a couple of puckers but there was no way to unpick them without completely ruining the top. I think I was rushing to get it finished and should have left it until the morning but you know how it goes! Anyway, I finished the sleeves the best I could and you can’t really notice the puckers (but I know they are there!) Again this was a very sheer fabric so I wore a slip underneath to preserve my modesty!

Day seven

Black and cream Scout tee and purple Miette cardigan


Another well worn Scout, it’s a polyester fabric and a little bit slippy.  I added satin bias binding to the neckline as a contrast and also to stabilise it a bit better. Worn with my other faithful Miette.

And so there you go.  I’ve really enjoyed this challenge and it’s been wonderful seeing everybody else’s outfits around the blogosphere, kinda like a mini me made May!  I think it’s really tested the versatility of this pattern, it’s worked well in a variety of fabrics.  I love the knit versions, especially the black sparkly one, this will probably be my go to TNT t-shirt pattern now.

Did you join in with OWOP and if so how did you get on?  How well did your pattern work for you?






19 thoughts on “OWOP- a week of Scouts!

  1. These are all great! I like the idea of a scalloped edge to your broderie version. That would look really pretty. And I particularly love your sparkly version, and the blue voile one. The Scout is one of my favourite patterns – so versatile. I’ve made it in silk, and in sequins too. Of course, those versions don’t currently fit, so I just made another in viscose!

  2. I didn’t join in, but would like too next year! Well done for completing the week, love me a Scout😀. The Moss mini looks fabulous also, you should wear it more!

  3. You were so smart to have picked this pattern– it’s so versatile and looks great with all of your handmade skirts. I had a lot of fun with the challenge but sort of hit the wall on day 5. I was so happy to put on my new Lane Raglan this morning– it feels good to wear a knit today!

    • Yey owop twins! I’m so glad I picked the Scout, it’s such a great pattern, one of those that looks basic but is somehow magically drafted to fit really well. Love your versions, especially the black and white check! 😊

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