Two more Kitschy Coo Lady skaters

I made these Kitschy Coo Lady skaters a few weeks ago but have only just got around to blogging them. I’ve worn my other two so much that I figured a couple more would be a good idea. The one obvious thing missing from my wardrobe was the apparent staple of the Twentieth Century: the Little Black Dress.

‘Perhaps more than any other piece of clothing, the little black dress is, women have been told, the essential, the one that will take you practically anywhere. And perhaps more than any other designer, Coco Chanel was the one who made it ubiquitous.’

(A Short History of the Little Black Dress by Maura Fritz)

Hmmm, to be honest the thought of sewing a plain black dress was not very inspiring so I decided to sew another one at the same time with a more ‘interesting’ fabric choice. When I was ordering my black Ponte (from the textile centre) I had a quick look at some of their prints. I’d had my eye on this blue and white splodgy flower print for a while and decided to finally take the plunge.


As I said in my last post I have trouble gauging scale when buying online and this print was a prime example, I’d thought that the flowers would be a couple of inches wide but when it finally arrived they were rather bigger than expected! The colours were also graduated being darker blue towards the bottom and fading more to white along the top, I preferred the darker blue so had a fiddle around with the pattern pieces and managed to cut the skirt and bodice from the darker areas and just used the lighter parts on the arms.




I made these exactly the same as my other Lady Skaters, cutting a size 6 and shortening the bodice by two inches. They were sewn mostly on my overlocker, I just twin needled the neckline, hem and sleeves. I made full length sleeves for both of these but omitted the cuffs.




So has the little black dress been as useful as expected? In a word, no! I think I’ve worn it twice so far, both times layered up with a cardigan and scarf. It looks fine and I can see the versatility but I didn’t really ‘enjoy’ wearing it and I’ve realised that I much prefer some colour!

There is a standing joke about sewists being drawn to all things bright and beautiful but there is good reason for it; they are fun to wear, a way of expression, something different that you’d struggle to find on the high street. I know I could go into any shop and find a multitude of black dresses but a blue and white splodgy one with a massive flower in the middle?

It’s reminded me why I went back to sewing in the first place, I would know exactly what I wanted but then spend ages going from shop to shop trying to find the holy grail of clothing which only seemed to exist in my own mind!  Sewing has enabled me to create these things myself, clothes I actually want to wear, that are an extension of who I am and essentially clothes that make me happy! So I will continue to follow my heart when it comes to buying fabric, if it makes me smile when it’s on the bolt it’s likely to make me smile when I wear it!

How much does what you wear influence your mood?

13 thoughts on “Two more Kitschy Coo Lady skaters

  1. I think they both look great! I agree that buying and sewing prints is so much more fun. I have next to no solids in my stash– just a few knits and I almost always pair them with a print. I am going to try to force myself to sew some basic solid t-shirts for the summer. I know they’ll get a lot of use, even if they seem a bit boring to make.

    • I have forced myself to make basics over the past few weeks, like you say they’ll get loads of wear. I have found the process very boring though and seem to have lost my Sewjo along the way! The only remedy is to go on a flowery dress spree!

  2. These both look great – even if you don enjoy the black so much it’s definitely something that you can wear and will look good! Maybe pair the black dress with some printed tights for colour?

  3. Both dresses are very flattering on you. But the blue and white splodgy floral one is much more fun. At least with the black one you can accessorize to add some personality 🙂 Although my stash is small, I have zero solids and no black. I have some pretty crazy prints, though (haha)! Fun fabric makes one smile, and a smile is the BEST accessory 😀

    • My sister wears a lot of black, she finds it easier to get dressed in the morning! I’m really drawn to prints and colour though and like you say if you love the fabric then your going to love what you make!

  4. I made a black dress as a muslin for my skater princess dress and despite the fact that the bodice came out too big I have ended up wearing it a lot this winter – I am ridiculously cautious about prints though – I love them in theory but often find I feel really self conscious wearing them! I think both your dresses look amazing on you and the blue print is lovely!


    • I do have a couple of black tops which get a fair bit of wear but I usually use them to tone down the crazy print of a skirt! I think about a quarter of my stash is made up of fabric I’ve bought because I’ve liked the print but will probably never make up because they are a bit too crazy!

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