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Another Weekend Doris Dress!

weekend doris dress

I must admit that after testing the last Lazyseamstress Weekend Doris Dress it has become my constant pottering about at home dress. Perfect with leggings and just as comfy as wearing a pair of pyjamas and you don’t have to be embarrassed wearing it when the postman knocks on the door at two in the afternoon. The oversized pockets are perfectly practical and you can fit in so much stuff, phone, glasses, tissues, random bits of lego…..


Again I bought the fabric from the textile centre on ebay and the scale of the flowers was definitely my biggest surprise yet. They originally had it in both cobalt blue and orange but unfortunately only had the grey left. Still it was in the sale and the idea of a giant Daisy Doris dress was too good to resist.

The fabric is a panel print with one giant cluster of flowers running down the centre. I cut the front and back out of each panel and the sleeves out of the plain grey. When I came to cut the pockets there was only two tiny floral bits left. I didn’t want the expanse of grey to break up the flowers too much so decided to reduce the width of the pockets by an inch and a half (I did contemplate leaving them off all together but that would essentially have taken away the best function of the dress!)


I made it exactly the same as my last one and stitched it all up on my overlocker, apart from the pockets and hem. Such a quick make, I think it only took an hour and a half to sew.



So now I have a weekend Doris for both Saturday and Sunday. I am trying to stop myself purchasing any more madcap Ponte but I have got a few in my watchlist, it’s like a weird quest to find the most outlandish floral in the world! I am getting a little bit better at judging scale, since these giant Daisies I’ve taken the time to get a tape measure to see just how big the print is, but now it seems to be the bigger the better!

20 thoughts on “Another Weekend Doris Dress!

  1. I think the giant daisies really make this dress! I keep seeing so many amazing versions of this dress im not sure i can resist it much longer!

  2. I love the giant daisies – they work really well with the simple style and the grey colour is a good background – weekend comfy dresses are definitely a good thing!


  3. I love this dress- those giant daisies are awesome!! It does look super comfy too, and I agree, much nicer to answer the door in (glad to hear I’m not alone in looking like I just rolled out of bed when the UPS driver shows up. LOL).

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