The Grainline Morris Blazer


I’ve been meaning to blog this for a while, I made it over a month ago but got caught up in Me Made May and other projects. It’s the new pattern from Grainline, a slouchy cropped jacket made for fabric with a slight stretch. One of my new year’s resolutions was not to jump on every shiny new pattern that gets released, I’ve been so good. I think I lasted three days before I succumbed, it was Hila’s at Saturday Night stitch which finally pushed me over the edge. I had problems downloading the pattern, purely down to my computer playing silly buggers. I got in touch with Jen and she got back to me and sorted it out in less than half an hour, so impressed with her customer service.


I thought I’d start with a wearable muslin so bought a couple of metres of Ponte from my usual Ponte dealer. It was described as ‘Airforce Blue’ but I think it’s verging on ‘School uniform blue’! The PDF fitted together perfectly and was very quick to cut out. I made my usual Grainline adjustments; cutting a size 12, shortening the body by two inches and the sleeves by three inches.  I used a metre and a half of fabric.

The instructions were excellent, the only problem I had was figuring out which way up the back facing went in. It was one of those moments where the more I think about things the more complex they get. I spent a good fifteen minutes, inverting it, holding it up to the bottom of the jacket before I finally committed, luckily it was right (and glaringly obvious!) I used my overlocker to sew the side and back seams and finish off the armholes, the rest was sewn on my normal machine.  I cut two pieces of interfacing, one for the lapels and also one for the front part of the jacket.  A couple of people had had problems with the jacket bagging out at the bottom front.  Interfacing both parts has given both layers the same stability and seems to have helped.



I really enjoyed making this, it was one of those projects where I could just happily poddle along. I think it makes a big difference when things are drafted well and everything fits together perfectly. It’s definitely an ideal do in a day project.




I’m going to make a few changes to my next one, the fit is perfect around the shoulders but I think I need to grade up a size over the bust and waist. I’ll keep the original length, I was a little apprehensive about it being too long but I think taking those two inches out has left it a little too cropped. I’m stumbling a bit with the fabric for the next one though, ideally I’d like to try a stretch cotton sateen but the only fabric I have in my stash is sky blue with orange flowers! I have in my head the fabric I’m looking for, black or navy with delicate oriental flowers. I haven’t found it yet but I’ll keep searching.   It’s highly likely that I’ll get distracted though and end up with giant multi coloured cabbage roses!

26 thoughts on “The Grainline Morris Blazer

  1. It looks lovely. I’ll let you know if I spy any likely fabric on my internet trawls! How do you find your ponte wears? I’ve bought it twice from different shops and both times it’s pilled a lot after only a couple of washes.

    • I’ve had difficulty finding the right fabric, I’ve got a few wovens which would be perfect but the pattern really needs a bit of stretch. I forgot to say in my post that I only used a metre and a half of fabric rather than the two the pattern suggests!

  2. What a perfect looking make! Love the idea of cropping it. Though you think its too cropped you look gorgeous in it! I love your dress style and have been enjoying your MMm IGs😃.

  3. The more Morrises I see the more I want to skip over all my Summer sewing plans and make one. I haven’t found a suitable fabric yet, but I’ll keep looking. Your blue jacket looks great with your polka dotted tee and your clogs. A great, casual outfit!

  4. I downloaded this a couple if weeks ago as well but haven’t made a start yet! I also have some dark blue ponte that I got specially for it but I am worried it is a little bit too lightweight – did you use interfacing?


    • My Ponte was quite lightweight too. I used lightweight interfacing on the front facing and also on the front of the jacket (just where the facings are) as a couple of people had problems with the front bagging out. It seems to have worked ok although there’s a bit of a ripple on the bottom points. I also only used a metre and a half of fabric, think I’ll have to go back and edit the post as I’ve missed these out! 😊

  5. Ooh I love it! I’ve been eyeing this pattern for a few weeks, you may have pushed me a bit to actually buy it. I really like the way the jacket looks – I haven’t made a jacket yet and I’m a bit hesitant!

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