Thread Theory Camas Blouse Spotty Sew along

I’ve been really struggling to take photos so far this year. The other half usually acts as photographer but trying to coordinate a time when we are both in during daylight (and I’ve had the inclination) has been difficult. His patience has also been running low when faced with multiple garments. This has become more evident in the quality of the photos (this video also made me chuckle!) The ones that are actually in focus (and with my eyes open) are usually me swearing at him through gritted teeth while he says ‘well do something then, they’ all look the same!’ I’ve also noticed that many are slightly wonky and look like I’m standing on a hill. With four things in the queue things reached crisis point.  So after three years of using my phone I’ve bought a proper (albeit second hand) camera, tripod and remote.

I’m going to start my catch up with the most recent thing I’ve made; the Thread Theory Camas Blouse. This has been on my radar since its release last year as it’s very similar to a well-loved Fat Face blouse I’ve had for years. When they announced a sew along (and a discount for the pattern) it gave me the push I needed, here’s the description:

‘Enjoy the unrestricted comfort of a t-shirt and the put together elegance of a blouse.  This blouse is designed to be COMFORTABLE and can be sewn in knits or stretch fabrics.  It features shoulder and back yokes, elegant gathering, and a flattering curved v-shaped neckline placket.  

The gathers create a flattering shape that is loose enough to float over the body rather than cling to it.  The delicately curved hem can be tucked into trousers and skirts or can be left loose to float over skinny jeans.  The slim sleeves end just below the elbow to create the perfect multi-season blouse.

WP_20160202_002 (2)

I used a vintage Liberty Viscose bought from eBay, £12 for two and a half meters. I was sceptical when I bought it but when it arrived it had the Liberty bolt label attached and the last length cut was dated 1992. As the pattern is designed for knits I went up a size (to a 16) to account for using a woven fabric.

It was an absolute joy to make from start to finish, quite easy and came together really quickly. The sew along is very detailed and although I used the printed instructions is was useful just to check how the button band went in.   I skipped buttonholes as I could slip it over my head so I just sewed the buttons on shutting the placket.  I used some buttons from my stash and also used my expanding sewing gauge for the first time!

WP_20160206_015 (2)

WP_20160211_004 1


It did turn out to be a bit too big. In hindsight I should have looked at the finished measurements before choosing my size. There is a very detailed list below the size chart and it is also printed on the back pattern piece. I usually grumble about patterns not including the finished garment measurements yet this time I had a bit of a brain drain and didn’t think to look at them. It’s perfectly wearable and the fabric drapes beautifully but I think I might take it in a little bit (I seem to have a real fear of making things too small so overcompensate by sizing up too much)



Apart from choosing the wrong size I think I’ve found my perfect blouse pattern. I love the style, very simple but with just enough detail and in the right places. I’ve dismissed many blouse patterns before as they look great on the model but I know with my bust they would resemble maternity wear. I’ve already cut out my next one, this time in a blue polka dot (my first blue thing this year!) I’ve cut a size 14 but graded into a 12 at the waist. If I can get the sizing right I think I’ll be making a small army of them to see me through Spring and Summer.




I had a marathon solo photo session but it was a bit windy so my hair got messier and messier with every picture. We could probably have a game of ‘guess which order the blog photos were taken’ over the next few posts. I think I prefer the tripod to my other half, much more patient and with a steadier hand. I was just merrily clicking away so hopefully there should be a bit more variety to the usual smiling with gritted teeth!








I’ll leave you with this scary staring one!

Helen x

26 thoughts on “Thread Theory Camas Blouse Spotty Sew along

  1. Beautiful top! Love the dotty fabric. My huns showed me that Instagram husband video last month and I laughed so much I was in stitches. He said he finally realised he wasn’t alone😂. I have been wondering about the slimflex button placement thingie – is its worth it? Would you recommend? Hila. X

    • I’d wanted a buttonhole gauge for ages and Jaycotts was the only place I tracked one down in the UK. You have to check the spacings as occasionally it doesn’t expand equally but I’m really glad I got it. I never mark buttonholes from the pattern so it saves me having to do the maths and figure out how many buttons I need and what spacing. Plus it’s a cool sewing gadget! 😊 x

      • good to know! thanks, tracy. yeah, they had some black sesame seeds in a tiny jar in the asian section, but they were mixed with seaweed flakes. yuck and no thanks. I&2;#178ll ask at customer service the next time I go.

  2. This is lovely, and the colour looks great on you. Bargain, too! I bought this pattern with the discount too, and had forgotten about it!!! And I far prefer taking photos with my tripod, to using my husband. He takes one and then says “so, that’s it?!”!!! I am far more relaxed by myself too.

  3. Well done you – you’ do really got the hang if it. I got a camera for Christmas but still need to get tripod and remote so the Instragram husband is still here – what a hilarious little video – thanks for sharing that. Blouse looks lovely and I really like the buttons

  4. Simona says:

    Fabric is lovely ! Similar thoughts. Seen it when it was released and fancied it! But got the push when they announced the sew along. Just abou to start on it. However those finished garment measurements are in a weird format and I need to figure out how to read them to get the correct size. Any tips on that? Think your blouse its cute and the colour suits you.

    • Thank you! I only looked at the finished measurements for the bust, waist and hips, I assumed they were measured flat so just doubled them. It’s definitely worth going by them for sizing though, there seems to be a fair bit of ease built into the pattern. I’m sure you’ll enjoy sewing yours! x

  5. Your blouse is lovely, and the fabric is just gorgeous. What a find! I’m with you on taking photos at this time of year, it’s always a bit of a nightmare. I have two things waiting to be photographed.

  6. I know the feeling of smiling through gritted teeth to a complaining photographer! Love your blouse, I’ve also been meaning to make the Camas since it was released – one of these days I actually will!

  7. Haha! That video is funny. I don’t live with my boyfriend who is usually my photographer. Sometimes I have to wait to get pictures done, or use my camera timer. It’s very hard to set up on my own sometimes.
    The top looks great – I really like the fabric. I also like the pleats at the top – can’t wait to see the small army.

    • I think the problem I had with my acting photographer was not knowing when he was taking the picture, he always seemed to catch me with my eyes closed or pulling a funny face. At least with the remote I know when to stand still! 😊

  8. This is so lovely – really beautiful fabric (and a bargain – total win!) I got the pattern last year and made a trial version in a very light jersey which didn’t turn out very well – fabric got stretched out of shape rather than pattern issue. I may have to go back to it now! I also struggle with photos – my husband will take them but won’t tell me that my collar is twisted or bra strap is showing!


    • I’ve wondered about making it in jersey, I think I’d be worried about the button band getting stretched out although I might have to give it a go if I can find the right fabric. I’m using the blue polka dot from Guthrie and Ghani (finally) for my next one. It’s only half finished but looking good so far! x

  9. Gorgeous top Helen!! That fabric is so pretty! I love your shoes too! Also, I totally get the photo troubles! Winter makes it so tough, and my husband/photographer gets super impatient sometimes too!

    • I don’t think they understand what constitutes a good photo! Mine used to think ten was more than enough so I was lucky if I got two useable ones. I highly recommend getting a remote though, far less stressful! 😊

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