A little bit about me

I first learned to sew at school and was given an old Singer for my sixteenth birthday.  I made most of my own clothes as a teenager but eventually life took it’s toll and my Singer got lost along the way.  In 2012, feeling very much stuck in a rut, I challenged myself to spend a year without wearing jeans.  As I got increasingly frustrated with being unable to find what I wanted in the shops I decided to start sewing my own clothes again.  I’ve now got to the point where I no longer buy ready to wear and feel totally liberated from the stresses of shop sizing and the dreaded fitting room!  Once I started sewing again I came to realise it had created an oasis of calm which was much needed in my life.  In fact the process of sewing seemed to become more important than the practicalities of making new clothes.  Just being able to zone out and focus on doing rather than thinking is just so therapeutic!

8 thoughts on “A little bit about me

  1. Hi,I found your blog via me made may on Pinterest.i knew you must live near Economy fabrics as you have soooooo many of the same fabrics I have bought from there 😉 I just wanted to say I especially like your Anna dress,I have no idea what to make out of my embroidered cotton:)

    • Oh wow what a small world! I live in Chesterfield but work in Sutton in Ashfield so I get to call into Economy fabrics on my way! I’ve been limiting myself to one visit a month though as I just get carried away and buy far more stuff than I can sew! I feel so lucky that we live near such a cheap fabric shop! I’m actually going tomorrow, fingers crossed that they have some nice stuff in at the moment! That embroidered black cotton was a real gem, glad you managed to grab some!

  2. Hey, it’s frenchymms from Instagram. Have you used any patterns do tunics that you like ? I’m looking to make some tunics for leggings and wish kitchycoo made one but she doesn’t! Looking for something as awesome as her patterns have been and thought you might know of some.

    • I made a couple of Marilla Walkers Maya dresses (on the blog about three posts ago) It’s quite a versatile pattern:top tunic and dress. All the seams are enclosed so it’s very neat on the inside. I made a dress and a tunic out of it and wear both with leggings (it has pockets too!)

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