Thread Theory Camas Blouse Spotty Sew along

I’ve been really struggling to take photos so far this year. The other half usually acts as photographer but trying to coordinate a time when we are both in during daylight (and I’ve had the inclination) has been difficult. His patience has also been running low when faced with multiple garments. This has become more evident in the quality of the photos (this video also made me chuckle!) The ones that are actually in focus (and with my eyes open) are usually me swearing at him through gritted teeth while he says ‘well do something then, they’ all look the same!’ I’ve also noticed that many are slightly wonky and look like I’m standing on a hill. With four things in the queue things reached crisis point.  So after three years of using my phone I’ve bought a proper (albeit second hand) camera, tripod and remote.

I’m going to start my catch up with the most recent thing I’ve made; the Thread Theory Camas Blouse. This has been on my radar since its release last year as it’s very similar to a well-loved Fat Face blouse I’ve had for years. When they announced a sew along (and a discount for the pattern) it gave me the push I needed, here’s the description:

‘Enjoy the unrestricted comfort of a t-shirt and the put together elegance of a blouse.  This blouse is designed to be COMFORTABLE and can be sewn in knits or stretch fabrics.  It features shoulder and back yokes, elegant gathering, and a flattering curved v-shaped neckline placket.  

The gathers create a flattering shape that is loose enough to float over the body rather than cling to it.  The delicately curved hem can be tucked into trousers and skirts or can be left loose to float over skinny jeans.  The slim sleeves end just below the elbow to create the perfect multi-season blouse.

WP_20160202_002 (2)

I used a vintage Liberty Viscose bought from eBay, £12 for two and a half meters. I was sceptical when I bought it but when it arrived it had the Liberty bolt label attached and the last length cut was dated 1992. As the pattern is designed for knits I went up a size (to a 16) to account for using a woven fabric.

It was an absolute joy to make from start to finish, quite easy and came together really quickly. The sew along is very detailed and although I used the printed instructions is was useful just to check how the button band went in.   I skipped buttonholes as I could slip it over my head so I just sewed the buttons on shutting the placket.  I used some buttons from my stash and also used my expanding sewing gauge for the first time!

WP_20160206_015 (2)

WP_20160211_004 1


It did turn out to be a bit too big. In hindsight I should have looked at the finished measurements before choosing my size. There is a very detailed list below the size chart and it is also printed on the back pattern piece. I usually grumble about patterns not including the finished garment measurements yet this time I had a bit of a brain drain and didn’t think to look at them. It’s perfectly wearable and the fabric drapes beautifully but I think I might take it in a little bit (I seem to have a real fear of making things too small so overcompensate by sizing up too much)



Apart from choosing the wrong size I think I’ve found my perfect blouse pattern. I love the style, very simple but with just enough detail and in the right places. I’ve dismissed many blouse patterns before as they look great on the model but I know with my bust they would resemble maternity wear. I’ve already cut out my next one, this time in a blue polka dot (my first blue thing this year!) I’ve cut a size 14 but graded into a 12 at the waist. If I can get the sizing right I think I’ll be making a small army of them to see me through Spring and Summer.




I had a marathon solo photo session but it was a bit windy so my hair got messier and messier with every picture. We could probably have a game of ‘guess which order the blog photos were taken’ over the next few posts. I think I prefer the tripod to my other half, much more patient and with a steadier hand. I was just merrily clicking away so hopefully there should be a bit more variety to the usual smiling with gritted teeth!








I’ll leave you with this scary staring one!

Helen x

Me Made May: The Final Week (and a bit)

Well May is over and it seems to have gone by so quickly. Unfortunately the great British weather wasn’t as good as last year so most of my summer dresses stayed in the wardrobe. Luckily I had the foresight not to pack away the cooler weather stuff.


Day twenty two


Maria Denmark spotty Kimono Tee and Grainline Morris Blazer

I’ve grown rather fond of my Spotty Tees, now May is over I can wear them multiple times a week.

Day twenty three


Liberty Mitsi Deer and Doe Sureau

This is a perfect in between dress, I actually got my legs out.

Day twenty four


Stripey Deer and Doe Plantain dress

It’s first outing and perfect for pottering around in. It really needs some sunshine though…and a beach….and maybe a Yacht.

Day twenty five


Blue Liberty Carline Maria Denmark Edith Blouse

This is my favourite thing ever. Like the spotty tees I can wear it almost constantly now May is over!

Day twenty six


Gingham Maria Denmark Edith Blouse and Navy Miette Cardigan

It was sunny and I nearly put a dress on but we were going to the Cinema and I was worried about draughty air conditioning.

Day twenty seven


Broderie Anglaise Grainline Scout

This hadn’t had much wear since making it last year. Partially because I can’t keep anything white clean but it also seemed a little unfinished. I added a French Lace trim to the hem and sleeves and like it much better now.

Day twenty eight


Green Colette Hawthorn and Green Miette Cardigan

At this point I was becoming very conscious of how much blue I wear so this was a concerted effort to change things up a little.

Day twenty nine


Blue Flowery Lady Skater

Yep, blue again!

Day thirty


Sewaholic Cambie dress

Determined to wear a summer dress before May is out. (blue again)

Day thirty one


Maria Denmark Liberty Edith blouse and Green Miette Cardigan

The final day and a chance to wear the second of my Carline Blouses. I’ve managed to find a bag with the same print and I’m also planning some matching knickers (overkill maybe?)


Final thoughts:

I easily managed to do no repeats and quite a few things didn’t get worn. It’s maybe time to do a bit of a wardrobe cull but I’m quite attached and sentimental about the things I’ve made.

I really like blue.

I’m obsessed with the weather.

I wore jeans for twelve days, dresses for fifteen and skirts only three times (and a Bruyere) I actually prefer wearing dresses but do wear jeans more often than I thought. I should maybe concentrate on making tops for a bit so I have something different to wear with them.

I’ve been wearing me made knickers all month but modesty prevented me from posting them on the internet. We are in the process of bedroom decorating so the majority of my undies have been packed away until they get some new drawers to live in. I’ve allowed myself five pairs but have to rely on them finding their way into the washing machine with some frequency. Luckily this week is Measure Twice Cut Once’s Everyone Deserves Pretty Knickers week so I’ll be spending time increasing my available knicker stock!

I am a little sad it’s all over, it’s been great seeing everyone’s outfits and I’ve really looked forward to sitting down with a coffee and having a real Instagram binge. There’s been so much inspiration and my monthly sewing budget has been totally blown on all the new patterns I’ve had to get. The only problem now is figuring out what to sew next, my brain is saturated with ideas and projects. I’m hoping the knicker making might give me time to take stock and put some kind of order to the sewing queue.

A big thank you to Zoe for hosting it again, it’s been a great month!


Me Made May ’15 week three

I can’t believe it’s the end of week three already, it’s flying by. Unfortunately the opportunity to get the summer dresses out this week was non-existent as the weather seemed to think we were back in February. Anyway on to the roundup:


Day fifteen


Stripey Grainline Hemlock with my Peggy Sue Cardigan

I should wear this cardigan more often, the cable ribbing is lovely!

Day sixteen


My old reliable navy By Hand London Anna dress with green Miette cardigan.

I love this dress, it’s perfect for throwing on when I really can’t decide what to wear. It looks like white polka dots but they are actually little daisies. I have a bit of a thing about navy and green, I’ve been searching for some navy and green stripy knit fabric for ages without success. I know it must exist somewhere!

Day seventeen


Deer and Doe Bruyere

I really need to make another one of these, it’s a lovely pattern and fits my frame really well. I actually have some Chambray to make a dress version but it keeps getting bumped down the list.

Day eighteen


Grainline Moss ‘mini’, purple Deer and Doe Plantain and Purple Miette cardigan

A horrible cold and wet Monday morning necessitated woolly tights and layers. I love my purple Miette, it’s a quite expensive silk and merino blend yarn but it holds the lace detail well and doesn’t ‘bobble’ like my wool ones.

Day nineteen


Denim Colette Laurel

I finally got around to making this denim shift a couple of weeks ago and I love it!

Day twenty


Grey Deer and Doe Plantain, Grainline Archer and By Hand London Victoria Blazer

At work so lot’s of layers as I really had no idea what the weather was going to do!

Day twenty one


Christine Haynes Broderie Anglaise Emery dress with Navy Miette Cardigan

Another old faithful dress. I put my boots on again but the weather really warmed up at lunchtime!

Some thoughts:

The blue thing is getting really silly, I actually wore it every day this week and that was after promising I would try to be more colourful!

I wore my boots for four days and it’s the latter part of May! The boots are now boxed up and ready to go into the loft, if it turns chilly again I’ll just have to put up with chilly goose pimpled legs!

I seem to be obsessed with the weather, all my Instagram posts seem to include a brief weather report. I think it comes from working outside!

Even though I said I wouldn’t, I might actually try and end the month with no repeats. I haven’t really worn any of my summer clothes so if the weather warms up I should be able to get through to the end of the month without any duplicity.

How is everybody else getting along now we are into the final week?



Me Made May 15 week two round up

Day eight


Purple deer and Doe Plantain and Green Miette Cardigan

At work uniform!

Day nine


Silk ‘Darling Ranges’ mash up

This is my favourite dress but the one I had most problems with. The fit was dreadful and I ended up completely redrafting the bodice and sleeves. The only original part of the pattern is the skirt and button band!

Day ten


Paisley Weekend Doris dress

Living up to its name!

Day eleven


Flowery Grainline Hemlock and By Hand London Victoria Blazer

This is an old tee and starting to look worse for wear but I love the fabric. The Victoria blazer didn’t get a lot of wear as it looked really ‘boxy’ on me. A couple of months ago I got around to unpicking the lining to fix it. I took it in at the waist and added fisheye darts to the front and back which has made a lot of difference. I’m glad it’s wearable now as the jacket is wool and lined with silk and I felt a bit guilty at wasting such nice fabric.

Day twelve


Ladyskater with Myrna cardigan

Working from home so dressed for comfort (looking very blue!)

Day thirteen


Stripey Deer and Doe Plantain with Grainline Morris Blazer (not yet blogged)

I will get around to blogging this Morris eventually. It’s a blue Ponte and this was the first time I wore it. It’s perfect for work, a bit smarter than a cardigan but just as warm.

Day fourteen


Deer and Doe Sureau

This was my second wearable muslin of the Sureau and to be honest it’s had more wear than the final one! It definitely needs to be worn with tights though as I got carried away when hemming and shortened it a bit too much. Glad I got chance to wear it before the weather gets warmer!

Some thoughts:

I wear blue a lot! I didn’t realise how much until people started commenting on it on Instagram. I’ve worked out that about half of my wardrobe is blue along with a good percentage of my fabric stash.

Wearing the Morris for work was a good idea. Gardening usually means wearing practical clothes and my usual choice is jeans with t-shirt/cardigan/jumper/shirt. It was nice to look a little smarter and as we do get visitors I really should make the effort to look a little bit more professional. I can’t not wear jeans but if I can try and smarten up the top half that would make a difference.

If I’m honest I actually prefer cooler weather wear (autumn and spring, not winter!) I feel more comfortable in tights and boots. I’m just not keen exposing so much bare flesh when the weather warms up!


We are already halfway through, how are you getting on?

Me Made May ’15 week one round up.

Well we have the first week over and it seems I’ve been a little premature getting my summer dresses out. We’ve had a couple of good days but instead of sandals I’ve been relying on my boots.

Anyway, here’s the run down:


Day one

Spotty Deer and Doe Plantain, Navy Miette and Liberty Scarf

This is possibly my on the project work uniform!


Day two

Colette Hawthorn (unblogged)

Had wanted to wear something a bit more summery but it was cold and windy so decided on my winter Hawthorn as it’s one of my warmest dresses.


Day three

Weekend Doris dress

Sunday pottering around dress


Day four

Marilla Walker Evan Skirt with stripy Deer and Doe Plantain

Bank holiday Monday, generally pottering with a bit of sewing time.


Day five

Deer and Doe Sureau

Combination of work and running around trying to catch up with all the things that usually get done on a Monday!


Day six

Grainline Archer and stripy Hemlock tee

On the project and a variation on the Miette, with an Archer instead.


Day seven

Deer and Doe Chardon skirt with stripy Grainline Hemlock

Cold and windy again so out came the boots, black ones this time though!

Musings so far:


  • There has only been two days out of the week that I didn’t wear Grainline or Deer and Doe, I have made other patterns!
  • I rely heavily on my Hemlocks and Plantains, I didn’t realise how heavily until seeing the evidence! (I have made a couple of Maria Denmarks’ Kimono tees so I am starting to be a little more adventurous)
  • I like the stripes with the Chardon, I couldn’t find my black Plantain which I usually wear with it and just grabbed the first thing that came to hand. Quite like the idea of using stripes as a neutral.
  • I could probably do with more than one pose although in my defence the bathroom is north facing and I’m trying to turn towards the light!


How are you getting on with MMMay? Have you encountered any startling revelations yet?

Outfit along Myrna Cardigan and Simplicity 1803

outfit along

Lauren of Lladybird fame and knitwear designer Andi from untangling knots have been hosting a knit/sew along with a difference, to make a dress and knit a cardigan thereby creating a whole outfit. I signed up straight away, having already knitted two Miettes and a Marion of Andi’s designs. I love her patterns, they have a vintage feel and seem to go with everything, they are also perfect to wear over dresses.  Andi’s new pattern released for the outfit along was Myrna and the dress pattern suggested was Simplicity Project Runway 1803. You could use any patterns you wanted but I decided to give these ago as they were new to me and looked kinda cute.

Here’s the Myrna description which explains everything far better than I could!:

‘This sassy cardigan is the perfect layer to keep on hand for breezy summer nights and cold movie theaters. Its full short sleeves keep it from being too warm, and the cropped length is perfect to go with airy dresses and full skirts. Eyelets surround the edges of the cardigan, and a keyhole on the back adds a fun extra detail. The sweater is knit seamlessly from the top down. The upper back is knit first and then put on hold. Stitches are picked up and knit for the upper fronts, and the pieces of the body are joined together when the underarms are cast on. The cardigan has waist shaping to give it a fitted look, and once the body is complete, stitches for the sleeves are picked up from the armholes and shaped using short rows. The cardigan fits best with 0-3 inches of negative ease.’


I used Cascade 220 yarn in 813 Blue Velvet, a worsted weight yarn. The ball band suggested 4.5mm needles but the pattern stated 5mm so I went with the 5mm.  Based on my measurements I opted to knit a large, bearing in mind the pattern has 2 inches of negative ease. I must admit that I didn’t knit a gauge swatch but just dived straight in and cast on. This is the knitting equivalent of not making a muslin and all my mother in laws fault!  I used to knit a swatch to check my gauge but she never has, she just picks up her needles and starts knitting. Out of laziness and a sense of living dangerously I have since done the same! There was a mistake on the gauge stated on the pattern, it was given at 18 x 24 stitches but should have been 18 x 28. It was only when this problem was flagged up on Ravelry that I began to have a quick panic as I was well into the body by then. I tentatively reached for the ruler and began to count, the knitting fairies must have been looking on me favourably as by some fluke I was spot on the 28 stitches that the pattern had been written for!

Myrna was, in theory, a quick knit but I must admit that it took me a lot longer than it should to finish. I seem to have difficulty doing things when I have to, it kind of feels like homework! I have this problem with our bookclub and am always frantically skim reading the set book the night before the next meeting! If I had knitted a couple of hours each night I would probably have had it finished in a fortnight. As it was there were considerable periods of neglect and I only really got a spurt on as the deadline began to loom!

The dress on the other hand came together very quickly. I used 2 metres of the blue cotton with gold flowers that I had been saving since I bought it two years ago (still have two metres left!) I decided to go for bodice C with the notched neckline and the pleated cap sleeves. I cut a size 12 after Laurens warning that Simplicity add 4 inches of ease in their patterns! I also shortened the bodice by an inch which I do to everything now because I am on the short side. It was quite an easy pattern but had a large facing which spanned the whole of the shoulder and was stitched to the top of the sleeve cap. I’d used medium weight interfacing for it as I wanted to try and add a bit of structure to the notch but it flopped anyway! I’ve not made anything with a facing for a while and I’ve decided that I just don’t like them! I think if I made this dress again I would try and figure out a way to line the bodice. The only change I made was to move the inseam pockets to the side seams instead of either side of the centre front panel as the pattern called for. I put my hands in my pockets a lot and they of course naturally fall to the side, I thought it would be a bit weird having pockets up front like some kind of kangaroo pouch! I used an invisible zip which was an absolute pig to get in! I wrestled with it and ended up unpicking it three times before it finally went in at the fourth try. It’s still a bit sticky, goes up OK but doesn’t want to come down again. I was on my own when I first tried it on and couldn’t get back out, was desperately trying to contort myself around, having a claustrophobic panic attack in the process, was on the verge of taking the scissors to it when it finally succumbed. Must remember I need help to unzip in the future! I also made the tie belt as I thought it needed something around the waist (and I wanted a bow!)

I spent ages looking for buttons for Myrna, I wanted gold daisy flower ones to pick out the flowers on the dress. I tried Ebay, Etsy, online button stores as well as my local haberdashery but couldn’t find the right ones. After a few weeks I half-heartedly searched Ebay again and found the perfect ones which had just been listed! I’m not happy unless I find the right buttons and I have in the past spent more on the buttons than I did on the fabric for a dress!

Anyway, here’s some a lot of pictures:













I’m quite pleased with how the outfit has turned out and loved the concept of combining sewing and knitting. I think if I knit Myrna again I would size down, she fits perfectly over the boobs but is just a tiny bit too big under the arms and back. Maybe this is due to my lack of gauge swatch or using slightly bigger needles or maybe I just need to figure out how to do a full bust adjustment in knitting!  I think she will get a lot of wear anyway!

Doing a complete outfit has made me realise that I tend to make things without thinking of how they will combine with my wardrobe. I think in future I will try and get some kind of coherence with my makes and highlight what colours are missing. I need to get past the ‘oohh pretty colours’ thinking I am prone to when choosing yarn and fabric. At the moment I’m craving a Mustard Miette but will have to have a good look at what I have in the wardrobe to wear with it!

Do you have a plan with your makes or are you seduced like a magpie to bright and shiny things?

Untangling knots and Lladybird’s ‘outfit along’

Lauren at Ladybird and Andi at Untangling knots have announced a sewalong with a difference: a full outfit along!  The full details are here but the basic idea is to sew a dress and knit a cardigan making up a full outfit!  Andi has designed a new pattern for the knitalong, Myrna, which has cute short sleeves, eyelets detail around the edging and a keyhole in the back.  Lauren has chosen Simplicity 1803 for the dress (but you don’t have to stick with this and can make any pattern you like!). I’ve decided to have a go at the Simplicity as it’s been a while since I sewed anything from the big four pattern companies.  Here’s the pattern and my fabric:


I have had this fabric in my stash for ages and had been saving it for something ‘special’.  I think the time has come to finally cut into it.  I’m planning on making the cap sleeved dress (the pink one on the right).  The outfit along is running from 1st June until 31st July so I’ve got plenty of time to put this dress together.  I want to get my Liberty Cambie out of the way before I start on this!

The cardigan on the other hand will probably take me the full two months to complete!  I was undecided as to what colour yarn to choose.  I initially wanted to go for a gold colour to pick out the flowers but me made May has made me realise I desperately need a blue cardigan in my wardrobe so I went for:


It’s Cascade 220 superwash in shade 813 Blue Velvet.  I think I’m going to go all out matchy matchy with this outfit and try and find some gold flower buttons for the Myrna!  I cast on and knitted a few rows last night and the yarn does look quite nice knitted up.

Are you planning to join the outfit along?  Do you plan your makes so that they coordinate with other things in your wardrobe?

Me Made May 14 – The final week!

Wow I can’t believe we have reached the end of Me Made May already!  For the final week I was kind of hoping for some sunny weather so I could dig out some summer dresses, but the temperature here in the UK has dropped considerably and it has rained for most of the week!  As I had pledged not to repeat any outfits I really had to fish around in the back of my wardrobe for things to wear!


Day Twenty Four: Green Colette Laurel.  I’m a little unsure about this dress, it looks OK on my dress form but on me tends to cling to lumps and bumps!  I have a Chambray version on my ‘to sew’ list that I haven’t got around to doing yet (so many dresses…. so little time!)


Day twenty five: Megan Nielsen Darling Ranges Dress.  This was actually my second wearable muslin for this dress, the first one was a complete disaster and was not even remotely wearable!  I kind of ended up redrafting the bodice and moving the bust darts to the waist which worked out OK on this.  I think I took another inch out of the bodice length when I did my final silk version (worn on day four).  Not sure about the fabric but it is kind of comfy in a ‘knocking about the house’ sort of way!


Day twenty six: Burdastyle Cream cotton voile top.  It’s a real shame this hasn’t photographed very well, the fabric is a very fine voile with palm trees printed on to it!  I bound the hem, neck and sleeves in cream satin bias binding.  It’s completely see through so I need to wear a white vest underneath but looks OK in a layered sort of way!


Day twenty seven:  Tilly’s picnic blanket skirt.  This is another comfy for knocking about the house in skirt, I also had on matching knickers:




Day twenty eight: Purple Miette Cardigan and stripe Deer and Doe Plantain.  Absolutely tipping it down with rain all day so definitely  dressed for warmth here!


Day twenty nine: Christine Haynes purple check Emery dress.  This was my wearable muslin for this pattern but I think I actually prefer it to the subsequent blue broderaise anglaise version (day sixteen) The only downside was that it is 100% polyester and melted when I first tried to iron the fabric!  I had to use such a low heat that it didn’t hold a crease very well.  I love the colour though!


Day thirty: Grainline scout tee (whipped up with fabric languishing in my stash for well over a year!) and my Green Miette.  I really love my Miettes!

The Friday theme on Flickr was ‘your stash of fabrics’. So I piled up my main stash and posted the evidence!  I’m surprised that there doesn’t look to be that much there but I also have a secret stash in the loft (about 15 yards of wool and 5 yards of jersey) and also a big bag of knits and remnants hiding behind the towels in the bathroom cupboard! (ssshhhh!). I loved seeing everyone else’s stash, it was comforting to know that most people have the same compulsion to hoard fabric, kind of like an AA meeting for seamsters, ‘hello, my name is Helen and I have a fabric addiction….!’



Day thirty one: Sewaholic Cambie dress and also Burdastyle Pirate shorts!  I made these for my son as he went on a pirate themed Scout camp last weekend, they seem to fit OK so I will have to look out for some fabric to make a few more pairs (another excuse to go fabric shopping!). This was my wearable Cambie muslin (blogged below). I’ve got some Liberty tana Lawn to make the final version which was a present from my Mother in law, I just need to pluck up the courage to cut into it!

So that’s it!  I have managed to stick to my Me Made pledge, I am actually slightly flabbergasted that I have been able to wear something different every day, I’ve worn my me made knickers everyday (and will continue to do so because they are very comfy and don’t get stuck up your bum like shop bought ones!) and I’ve worn me knitted cardigans throughout (well mainly my two Miettes!)

It has been so heart warming to see everyone’s pictures each day and the fabulous things that they have made.  I’ve gained a lot of inspiration from everyone (and have also added at least 10 patterns to my wish list!). The sense of community has been wonderful, there have been some lovely comments and having the opportunity to let people know how fabulous they look has been great.  I have also discovered some great new blogs so I can continue to see what everybody’s sewing!

I think it has been a major turning point for me too.  I am renowned for avoiding having my picture taken at all costs so to take one very day was a big step for me.  It’s made me realise that I don’t look as gormless as I think I do (and it helps if I don’t look directly at the camera!), that you can’t really see all the lumps and bumps when your dressed, that I suit some clothes more than others and that I should really just chill out and not worry so much about how I look.  I’ve also got a record of all the things I have created and I can appreciate all the love and time I have put into them!

So the biggest ‘well done’ to everyone that took part, I’ve had so much fun and you all look fabulous!

Have you made any major discoveries by taking part?


Me Made May 2014 Midway point!

Well we are halfway through Me Made May and so far so good.  I pledged to wear at least one me made item a day, along with me made knickers and me knitted cardigans at least four days a week.  I also decided not to repeat any outfits throughout the month, things are starting to get a little bit creative! I’ve been posting daily picks on Flickr and Pintrest but I thought I’d do a bit of a round up here too.

And so:


Day one: Colette Hawthorn


Day two: Grey Deer and Doe Plantain with Green Miette Cardigan


Day three: Green embroidered Grainline Scout


Day four: Silk Megan Nielsen Darling Ranges dress

WP_20140505_11_33_09_Pro (2)

Day five: Grey Deer and Doe Plantain and Purple Miette Cardigan


Day six: Denim Megan Nielsen Kelly Skirt with Green Miette Cardigan


Day seven: Grainline Plaid Archer shirt


Day eight: Colette Zinnia Skirt and Sorbetto top


Day nine: Grainline Blue Poppy Hemlock Tee (Blue Friday theme day!)


Day ten: By Hand London Anna Dress


Day eleven: Colette Rooibos dress and Ando Satturlund Marion Cardigan


Day twelve: Black Deer and Doe Plantain and By Hand London Victoria Blazer


Day thirteen: Buda elephant top with green Miette cardigan (again)


Day fourteen: Black Deer and Doe Plantain and purple Miette cardigan


and finally  day fifteen: Tilly’s Love At First Stitch Clemence skirt

Phew! Me Made May has made me think a lot more carefully about what I wear, I had got into the habit of wearing jeans, plantains and Miettes all the time! It’s been nice to wear more skirts, I could really do with sewing a few more.  My most me outfits so far have been my Darling Ranges and Anna Dresses, I just feel a lot more comfortable in dresses and I don’t have to thing about co-ordinating anything! I’ve also realised how much I love my Miettes so I definitely need to knit at least one more!  I’ve just got to see if I can make it through the next two weeks without repeating anything!  Hopefully the weather might warm up a bit so I can bring out more of my summer stuff!  Are you taking part? Have you managed to stick to your pledge?

Helen x