A tartan Christmas Frankenpattern

I managed to finish my Christmas dress in time for the start of the celebrations. It’s a frankenpattern: the bodice from Simplicity 2444 and the skirt from the Colette Peony. I made a Blackwatch tartan Peony (unclogged) last year but there were multiple issues with the fit of the bodice. I tried my best to tweak it, and it is wearable, but I haven’t made it since as I couldn’t be bothered to try and sort out the fit. I loved the skirt of the Peony though, just a simple A-line. It is supposed to have two sets of gathering at the waistline but I changed these to inverted pleats for a more streamlined look. The fit of my last 2444 was so good that a marriage with the Peony skirt seemed to be a match made in heaven.

WP_20141220_004 1

My initial plan was to use purple and grey tartan but when I held up the red it just screamed Christmas. I had a bit of a headache trying to match the checks, I finally gave in and realised I couldn’t match both horizontal and vertical so decided to just concentrate on the horizontals. It’s not too bad, the front is OK, the back went a bit squiffy but I can live with it.


from the front…..


….the insides…..


….and a back view

I used red satin bias tape to finish the neckline instead of using the facings, which worked well and is a method I plan to use again in the future. I also bias bound the hem using the same red satin (really love bound hems!)




I really enjoyed making this dress, I managed to do most of it on my birthday. I also got the best present ever from my other half: A 1959 Singer 221 Featherweight, it has all eight feet, original instruction book and even the original tube of oil! I sewed some of my dress with it and it stitches like a dream, just like the old Singer I got for my fifteenth birthday.


So that’s the Christmas dress, I really do love it, suitably festive for the time of year. I really think I may have found a winning combination with this pattern mash-up, there are quite a few sleeve and collar options which come with the 2444 which I might have a play around with. I’ve worn it twice so far; to my work Christmas dinner and to a neighbour’s party and will be wearing it on Christmas day.  I’m all done and organised and all that remains is to just enjoy it!

I really hope you all have a fabulous Christmas!

What will you be wearing for Christmas day?


Helen x