A Paisley Weekend Doris Dress

A couple of weeks ago Jeanette from Lazyseamstress asked if I’d like to test her first pattern. It’s a Raglan Sleeved Dress (with the option for a sweater) and true to Jeanettes style has a distinct vintage feel to it.

weekend doris dress

The dress is called the Weekend Doris Dress, it’s designed to be comfortable to wear pottering about at the weekend while still channelling the style of Doris Day!

I impulsively took a gamble on this navy and white Paisley Ponte from the Textile Centre on ebay. I buy most of my Ponte from them and it’s always good quality and very reasonably priced. The problem I have with buying online is not being able to translate scale (even if there’s a ruler for comparison) so it’s always a surprise when it pops through the post. I was really lucky this time as the paisley turned out to be perfect for the dress.


After a bit of shuffling around with the pattern pieces I managed to get the stripe running up the centre front, centre back and down each sleeve. I didn’t have quite enough fabric to match the pockets completely but they are near enough for me.

The dress comes together really quickly, there are only six seams to sew plus the pockets, neckband and cuffs so it’s great for instant sewification. The sleeve head makes for an interesting detail as it comes to a point where it meets the neckline, I would imagine this would work really well with colour blocking.


I think Jeanette has translated her love of vintage really well with the Doris, there’s definitely a sixties feel to it. I really love the pockets, they extend all the way around to the side seams, great for carrying around all the essentials. One thing to point out is that it is quite short, I’m short and it is short on me but it’s fine with tights or leggings (and there’s how to lengthen the pattern in the instructions) Although it’s a departure from my usual style I do really like the length, I may have to try shortening my hemlines in future!




I’m really happy with how it’s turned out, it’s the perfect dress to wear at the weekend. I was re-watching Mad Men when I made it and must admit to feeling a bit like (a shorter, older, rounder) Megan Draper wearing it. I’m trying to resist the American tan tights and white go-go boots though!