Me Made May 14 – The final week!

Wow I can’t believe we have reached the end of Me Made May already!  For the final week I was kind of hoping for some sunny weather so I could dig out some summer dresses, but the temperature here in the UK has dropped considerably and it has rained for most of the week!  As I had pledged not to repeat any outfits I really had to fish around in the back of my wardrobe for things to wear!


Day Twenty Four: Green Colette Laurel.  I’m a little unsure about this dress, it looks OK on my dress form but on me tends to cling to lumps and bumps!  I have a Chambray version on my ‘to sew’ list that I haven’t got around to doing yet (so many dresses…. so little time!)


Day twenty five: Megan Nielsen Darling Ranges Dress.  This was actually my second wearable muslin for this dress, the first one was a complete disaster and was not even remotely wearable!  I kind of ended up redrafting the bodice and moving the bust darts to the waist which worked out OK on this.  I think I took another inch out of the bodice length when I did my final silk version (worn on day four).  Not sure about the fabric but it is kind of comfy in a ‘knocking about the house’ sort of way!


Day twenty six: Burdastyle Cream cotton voile top.  It’s a real shame this hasn’t photographed very well, the fabric is a very fine voile with palm trees printed on to it!  I bound the hem, neck and sleeves in cream satin bias binding.  It’s completely see through so I need to wear a white vest underneath but looks OK in a layered sort of way!


Day twenty seven:  Tilly’s picnic blanket skirt.  This is another comfy for knocking about the house in skirt, I also had on matching knickers:




Day twenty eight: Purple Miette Cardigan and stripe Deer and Doe Plantain.  Absolutely tipping it down with rain all day so definitely  dressed for warmth here!


Day twenty nine: Christine Haynes purple check Emery dress.  This was my wearable muslin for this pattern but I think I actually prefer it to the subsequent blue broderaise anglaise version (day sixteen) The only downside was that it is 100% polyester and melted when I first tried to iron the fabric!  I had to use such a low heat that it didn’t hold a crease very well.  I love the colour though!


Day thirty: Grainline scout tee (whipped up with fabric languishing in my stash for well over a year!) and my Green Miette.  I really love my Miettes!

The Friday theme on Flickr was ‘your stash of fabrics’. So I piled up my main stash and posted the evidence!  I’m surprised that there doesn’t look to be that much there but I also have a secret stash in the loft (about 15 yards of wool and 5 yards of jersey) and also a big bag of knits and remnants hiding behind the towels in the bathroom cupboard! (ssshhhh!). I loved seeing everyone else’s stash, it was comforting to know that most people have the same compulsion to hoard fabric, kind of like an AA meeting for seamsters, ‘hello, my name is Helen and I have a fabric addiction….!’



Day thirty one: Sewaholic Cambie dress and also Burdastyle Pirate shorts!  I made these for my son as he went on a pirate themed Scout camp last weekend, they seem to fit OK so I will have to look out for some fabric to make a few more pairs (another excuse to go fabric shopping!). This was my wearable Cambie muslin (blogged below). I’ve got some Liberty tana Lawn to make the final version which was a present from my Mother in law, I just need to pluck up the courage to cut into it!

So that’s it!  I have managed to stick to my Me Made pledge, I am actually slightly flabbergasted that I have been able to wear something different every day, I’ve worn my me made knickers everyday (and will continue to do so because they are very comfy and don’t get stuck up your bum like shop bought ones!) and I’ve worn me knitted cardigans throughout (well mainly my two Miettes!)

It has been so heart warming to see everyone’s pictures each day and the fabulous things that they have made.  I’ve gained a lot of inspiration from everyone (and have also added at least 10 patterns to my wish list!). The sense of community has been wonderful, there have been some lovely comments and having the opportunity to let people know how fabulous they look has been great.  I have also discovered some great new blogs so I can continue to see what everybody’s sewing!

I think it has been a major turning point for me too.  I am renowned for avoiding having my picture taken at all costs so to take one very day was a big step for me.  It’s made me realise that I don’t look as gormless as I think I do (and it helps if I don’t look directly at the camera!), that you can’t really see all the lumps and bumps when your dressed, that I suit some clothes more than others and that I should really just chill out and not worry so much about how I look.  I’ve also got a record of all the things I have created and I can appreciate all the love and time I have put into them!

So the biggest ‘well done’ to everyone that took part, I’ve had so much fun and you all look fabulous!

Have you made any major discoveries by taking part?


Me Made May’14 pledge

I decided to take the plunge and officially participate in this years Me Made May!  I figured it will give me the kick up the butt I need to actually record my makes and make me think about what I’m wearing (for the past month I’ve been living in my Deer and Doe Plantains, Miettes and jeans!) and so:

‘I Helen Siddon of sign up as a participant of Me-Made-May ’14. I endeavour to wear me made knickers and at least one other me made item each day. I also endeavour to wear me knitted knitwear at least four days a week for the duration of May 2014’

I will be posting my pictures on Flickr (Helen Siddon justsewtherapeutic) and also Pintrest.  Other half doesn’t believe that I’ll actually post pictures of myself as I’m known for running away as soon as there’s a camera around! Hopefully Me Made May will help me overcome my shyness!