A tale of two Lady Skaters

I’ve had the Kitschy Coo Lady Skater dress on my list since it came out last year. I even got as far as printing the pattern and buying some purple Ponte from Minerva crafts but for one reason or another I never got around to it. Part of my Autumn sewing plan was to tackle those things that had been repeatedly bumped down the sewing list and the lady skater was a prime candidate. As well as the aforementioned Ponte I have recently bought five metres of this very stable, fairly heavy denim blue knit. (I knew it was ideal for a lady skater but it was the perfect blue and I’m sure it will come in handy for other stuff)


I have a policy with knits and knickers in that I sew multiples in a production line fashion, so I cut out both dresses at the same time, I managed to squeeze each dress out of 2 metres of 54 inch wide fabric. The sizing goes on your high bust measurement, I was between a five and six so decided to go up one to be on the safe side. All the Lady Skaters I’ve seen seem to have quite a low waistline, I knew I would have to shorten the bodice by an inch, which is a standard alteration for me, but really wanted it to sit on my natural waistline so I decided to shorten it by a total of 2 inches. I also shortened the sleeves by 3 inches (also a standard adjustment for me) so from shoulder to wrist was about 19 inches. I’d not decided whether I wanted full or three quarter length sleeves at that point so kept to that measurement figuring I could decide once they were finished.


The sewing was straightforward, I sewed most of them up on my overlocker (too lazy to change the thread for matching colours so went with the general assumption that ‘grey goes with everything’!) It’s a while since I’ve sewn any knits and I had forgotten how quick and how much fun they are. I actually used my twin needle for the first time, topstitching around the neckband and sewing the hem. I’ve never done this before as I never usually have two spools of the same colour thread, I also thought there would be a lot of faffing about trying to set the machine up and getting the tension right but it worked perfectly first time without any adjustment (yay, the sewing elves must be looking favourably on me!).



I ended up with slightly longer than three quarter length sleeves, I actually shortened them by another two inches but this was added back on with the cuffs. I think they are around bracelet length now which is ok for keeping my forearms warm. I did find however I was automatically pulling them up to three quarter length so this was probably a good compromise. There are a few pull lines on the waistband of the blue dress, not sure what’s going on there but I had been wearing it all day.



I have lived in these dresses since I made them, they are so warm and comfortable, like wearing respectable pyjamas’. This is the first time I’ve used Ponte and I can’t get over how cosy it is, I was straight on the internet looking for more after I made these but had to be strict as my fabric budget is empty (and my stash is overflowing, I’ve run out of places to hide fabric!) so I have added some bottle green and grey floral Ponte to my Christmas list so I can make some more!

So that’s four items now from my Autumn sewing list, I’m quite amazed at how focused I’ve been and it’s definitely helped to have a plan. There have been a couple of distractions which have been added to the list but I’m hopeful that I’ll be able to finish them all before Christmas, then I can start a new plan for the New Year!

How do you choose your next sewing project? Do you have a plan or just dive in to whatever takes your fancy?